Preplanned & Prepaid Options

Reasons for Prepaying Your Funeral

Have you ever thought about what might happen to your family or loved ones when you die? Do they know your wishes? Do they have the funds to ensure the financial burden of your funeral is easily dealt with?
Just like making a Will, prepaying your funeral helps your family know exactly what you want in the event of your death and relieves them of these decisions and financial burden for which they would otherwise be responsible.
Funeral planning is the logical extension to making a Will. Many people tell us that completing a funeral plan gives them a feeling of emotional relief. It ensures that your family know your wishes, and it saves them from having to make difficult decisions at a stressful time. To prepare a plan is simple.
Our consultant can meet with you at your home or at our funeral care centre. We’ll discuss your funeral requirements and the options that best suit you and your family, obligation free. There are two options available when considering funeral planning.

Prepaid Funerals

Prepaying your funeral involves planning your funeral requirements, having these kept on file with your funeral director and paying for the funeral at today’s prices. A Prepaid funeral guarantees service from an Australian family owned company. The cost is fixed and
inflation-proof when paid in full, or you can choose an interest free instalment plan over three years. Funds are invested in a Funeral Fund with a recognised and experienced funeral fund manager. Benefits are not paid to the funeral director until the funeral has been provided.

Prearranged Funerals

Prearranging your funeral involves planning your funeral requirements and having these kept on file with your funeral director. There are no charges to complete your funeral requirements. Payment for the funeral is not made until the funeral has taken place.

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