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The Stages of The Journey

The process of arranging a funeral can be a daunting and emotional one and in order to help you find the information you need during this difficult time, we have broken up The Funeral Journey into 5 key stages. Each stage is designed to provide important and relevant information when you need it most.

Remember that no matter what stage of the journey you are in, our team of dedicated and understanding professionals are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guide and support you in any way we can.

Planning Ahead

While no-one wants to think about their death, pre-planning your funeral gives you the peace of mind to know that when the time comes, your family will be guided with professional support, providing a much-needed sense of comfort.

Time Of Death

Few of us are prepared when a death occurs and we often need support and assistance both at the initial time of death and throughout the funeral planning process, as well as continued support as we come to terms with the loss.

The Funeral Arrangement

A funeral service is the customary way to recognise death and allows us to honour and show respect for the dead as well as to help those left behind begin the process of grief recovery.

The Funeral Service

A funeral ceremony helps to publicly acknowledge the reality of the death, and when shared with friends and family it encourages the expression of grief.

After The Funeral

Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s important to remember that grief and mourning is a process and not an event.

Hollibone Funerals: Caring For Melbourne

At Hollibone Funerals, we are dedicated to providing dignified and professional funerals at affordable price. We do not believe you need to be worried or stressed about budgets during this sad time and it is our purpose to help you plan an affordable funeral giving you a sense of peace in all aspects of the process.

Our caring staff will work with you to plan every step of the process and they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guide you through a sometimes difficult time with compassion and sensible advice.

About Hollibone

Hollibone Funerals was established in the western suburbs of Melbourne in the 1930s, and it continues to be an Australian family-owned business that exclusively serves and cares for families in the West of Melbourne.
We believe in affordable funerals and ensuring that our families and their loved ones are well taken care of throughout the entire funeral process. Our Hollibone representative can speak to you today about your loved one in creating a perfect farewell service.

All Religions, All Cultures

Melbourne has a diverse multicultural community and Melbourne’s West is home to many cultures and religions which is why Hollibone is the funeral home of choice for so many of the residents. We serve all religious and cultural groups and are well known for planning funerals in the Macedonian Orthodox, Italian Catholic and Greek Orthodox communities.
Funeral planning and services can be arranged throughout metropolitan Melbourne, or interstate if required.

Planning Ahead

More and more people are considering the option to pre-pay and pre-arrange their funeral. Making decisions at a time of grief can be extremely difficult for those left behind. By planning and paying ahead for your funeral, you can relieve your loved ones of this often difficult responsibility. We are able to make all the information regarding this choice available to you, to make a fully informed decision.

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